We do commute daily, sometimes for buying vegetables from the stores, to meet nearby friends, and for many more other things. We can easily replace the “walk” by “cycling.” Not only cycling is faster compared to walking on the streets, but it also helps to keep our metabolism perfect too. Yes, this is the reason cycling is considered as an exercise and many of us join a gym for same reason.
Often we have normal bicycles around us, which is quite common for everyone nowadays. These cycles are not customized and are being used just because “there are not many options.” There are not many benefits out of those normal cycles and also after a period, it becomes static, and there is no fun riding them.
Here comes the new age of cycling – Hybrid bicycles. As the name says, “hybrid,” it surely has to be a mixture of multiple breeds. Yes, it indeed is. Hybrid bicycles are used for everything, just for everything, be it going to a store, or trekking on mountains.

Before we go in depth of what hybrid bicycle is, we must know what other kinds of bicycles are. The most common type of cycle you see on the streets is a “ROAD” bicycle which is used for specific day to day purpose. You can’t ride it over the mountains as it is not customizable for this need of yours.
The other type is a “Mountain” bicycle. As the name tells, this is used for mountaineers, to trek over rough terrains and to enjoy the thrill of the ride. For sure, you can use this kind of bicycle for day to day use, but it reduces the efficiency of which it is built for.

None of the cycles mentioned above are recommended for keeping physical metabolism fit. Then what should a person who can’t go to treadmill daily do? Here, we present a new breed of cycles, called “HYBRID” bicycles.

Hybrid Bicycle = Road Bicycle + Mountain Bicycle

So, best hybrid bikes are used both as a road and mountain bike. The frames are made of aluminum, the handles make you sit upright without any strain, the wheels are purposely designed to meet the need for both Road and Mountain type variant of the hybrid bicycle. The gear system is swift to ride a bicycle even on steep slopes. And yes, it has a cool funky look too. The most important point to notice about a hybrid bicycle is that is can be customized. If you need a mudguard, it can be placed; we can attach a stand for keeping water bottles and a pair of clothes, and it doesn’t make the ride heavy at all.
For sure, it comes with a high cost, but you can cut up your gym treadmill and cycling cost if you are used to them. The future has already started, and it’s always good to be in sync with it, be it technology or bicycles. So, brace yourself and enjoy the ride with fun and thrill by hybrid bikes. Happy riding!

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Drone Being Used in Archeology

We know that technology is being heavily utilized in Archaeology. Well one of the way it is being used is with drones. They call this the non invasive archaeology meaning you do not need to go out in the filed and dig out sites. Instead you can just sit back in your command center and be flying these drones over the archaeological sites. Previously the generic survey was carried out on helicopters. This was obviously very expensive, let alone the fact that carbon emissions were actually dangerous for the sites.

The aerial photogrammetry is typically being used to carry out survives and site preservation management on archaeological sites. This to many archaeologists as well as anthropologists is a dream come true. Drone have just recently entered the fray. They are one of the hottest selling objects not just for professionals but also for average consumers. The great advancement has been made possible thanks to the Quadrocopter design and gyro stabilization. previously there were hovering remotely controlled object such as helicopters available; however, not had the maneuverability and flexibility as the Quadrocopters. The fact these Quadrocopters can be fitted with a plethora of sensors and high definition cameras makes them a hit among many professionals.

In the video shown here, you can see Archaeologist Olivier Feihl fly a drone to make a 3D image of the dig with the specialized hi tech camera fitted on the drone. As one of the man puts it, everything before the drone technology was invented was done by hand. This was exhausting and time consuming. The drones have revolutionized that idea.

The drones, along with the ever evolving computer technology has made several things possible. In archaeology, for example, the computer uses the snaps taken by the drones to create a highly precise computer image. Can you imagine how things were when every wall, every layer of the site was drawn with hands.

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Using Technology in anthropology and archeology

First of all, anthropology is the scientific discipline. It studies the cultural and biological diversity of people. Anthropology studies the man and his culture, his language, his evolutionary past and relatives receive the similarities and differences between people of the genetic level to the level of culture. Investigate how people live, what they do, what they think and how they relate to the environment. She is interested in how the human species evolved and how they are formed and dissolved human society, but facing the present and the future of the human race. We could say that the subject of anthropology boils down to one question: what does it mean to be human? The word anthropology comes from the Greek word “antropos” which means man or one looking up. The man has a dual nature – natural, which it linked to animals, and cultural, that makes him human. Anthropology believes that nature and culture are intertwined in man and defines it as a cultural animal. The human race developed through specialization of the brain, or more precisely, the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex allows us to understand, communicate and learn. Man learns how to behave, and to the extent that is far ahead of all other animals, and learned the content of the calls culture.

Branches of anthropology: Paleoanthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Physical anthropology, Physical or biological anthropology, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology.

wZYoCThe goal is to search safely and that is possible with new technology. For searching the old graves, anthropologists use LIDAR device. That is light detection and ranging technology. Lidar is attached to an airplane and fires laser beams. Lasers are going through the trees and leaves all the way to the ground. After that, 3D map is showing up. Technology changed archaeology and anthropology and it is so much helpful. With this device like super powerful computers with their no bezel monitor and even 3D monitors, scientist find hidden temples, cities, graves…

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Archeology in the virtual world

Free-Download-AutoCAD-2011That term was mentioned in 1991 at one of the science conferences. The term refers to the ability of virtual excavations and documentation, using technologies such as hypertext, multimedia and three-dimensional modeling. Some CAD programs such as AutoCAD, suffered the global popularity through the use of personal computers and use for commercial purposes. When it comes to archeology, this type of program initially served mapping and displaying archaeological sites and the construction of their spatial 2D and 3D models. However, only through the use of GIS technology obtained a special kind of archaeological mapping – each folder had multiple layers in which they were installed topographic information, for example, relief or hydrology, as well as information about human activities in the region during the analyzed past.

Is underwater archeology possible?

Of course it is! Graal Tech has enhanced the robot to the stage of commercial application, and among the first customers are research organizations. Among them is the University of Genoa, whose robotics professor Giuseppe Casalino, wants a prototype robot that will one day serve for underwater archaeology, as well as the search for the black boxes of the aircraft.

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